March was a very busy month! We had an Occasional Grand Lodge, another EA degree, a Basic School of Instruction, and a Statewide Training Day, to name a few. It has been a fun and educational month, and I’ve enjoyed leaning into my role as Junior Warden, doing my best to support the WM and the Lodge as a whole.

It has been great to see Brothers at Lodge and these various events. I continue to encourage you to be active with our Lodge. There’s much in store this year and plenty of opportunity to be present with your fellow Brothers.

We will likely be holding FC degrees in the coming months, so watch for those announcements. Our degrees are one area where we could improve attendance. The more Brothers we have to witness, the more impactful these ceremonies can be. Plus, we always have fantastic refreshments afterward!

For April’s Stated dinner, Chef Paul Stanislaw will be serving up a fresh and crisp caesar salad, roasted chicken accompanied by red-skin potatoes, asparagus, and tangy chicken gravy.  For dessert, homemade coffee cake, which pairs well with…um…coffee, of course!

Don’t miss it!