It’s officially Spring, when the plants grow as the sun shines, with the help of either the rain or the water we shower on them. Like in our lives, we grow for the better when we take time to improve ourselves. This past month, we were able to spend some time together to grow as Masons; we had our School of Instruction, which improves our knowledge and skills for our beloved lodge. I remember the wisdom of old “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”
This April we’re going to start our Fellows of the Craft, for more details please approach any lodge officers.
I want to welcome our new EAs from these past months and for many more to come. I’m glad to see continuous growth in our Washington 46 family. To my fellow lodge officers, I want you all to know that all your efforts in helping the lodge are appreciated. As always, it’s my pleasure and an honor to serve with you all.
This April, I will be traveling to visit our brethren in Washington State at their stated meetings: Southgate Masonic Lodge No. 100 in Burien and Rainier Masonic Lodge No. 189 in Shoreline.
Hope to see you all this month!

Aaron Carl Enriquez
Senior Warden
Washington Lodge No. 46