It is a great pleasure to welcome our newest Entered Apprentice Mason, Joshua Revert. A special thank you to all who participated in his degree on the 20th of March. We now have three EA’s working through their degrees, which hasn’t occurred for several years at Washington Lodge. We are very fortunate that we can confer these degrees with members from our lodge, a task that many lodges are unable to do.

This leads me to our recent Statewide Training Day initiated by Grand Lodge. One subject that I think deserves extra attention is the Dusty Mason Degree; let’s refresh those items that may have been forgotten in your early days of lodge, especially if you feel uncomfortable returning to lodge. Yes, we can make that happen, and we want you to return! With our dinners before meetings, plenty of fellowship, and rewarding and mindful events planned for the future, I think one meeting a month would be a lot of fun. More details coming soon.

We especially want the membership to be aware of our processes to welcome new members, background checks for prospective candidates, charities that we participate in, and how you can help us with committee help and support.  The weather is improving and daylight-saving time has arrived. At our April meeting, we will vote on a dispensation to move our start time to 7PM for our stated meetings in June, July, August and September. This has certainly been very well received in years past so please come and support this resolution. 

Don’t forget our monthly brunch on the second Saturday of the month! Start time is 10AM.

We look forward to seeing some new faces. If you need transportation, please contact the master. All that information is available on our website,


Don Stapleton, PGM, Secretary