Spring is my favorite season. As the cold and darkness slowly transforms into warmth and light, there is hope the worst of the weather is past us, and we have the hope of bright things to come. Let’s not only welcome this light but look for the light that is in ourselves, our Brothers, and the world at large and spread that light.

We have had a busy February and March will be no different! Please look at the calendar for a list of all the events happening at the Lodge this month. The first important event in March is not actually on the calendar as it is not happening at our Lodge. This is the Occasional Grand Lodge happening on March 2nd at the Scottish Rite Center in Salem. I would like for us to make a strong showing and have as many Washington Brothers attend as possible. Please reach out to me with any questions.

We also need to have a big turnout for the Basic School of Instruction we are hosting on March 16th. This will be a great opportunity to refresh yourselves on masonic etiquette and ritual and get answers to those nagging questions that you always want answered. Afterwards, there will be a chance to obtain a basic proficiency card.

Lastly, Washington Lodge is honored to host the Statewide Annual Training Day for our District on March 23rd. This will take the format of a zoom call in the morning followed by discussion and questions afterwards.

I know you are all busy and I truly appreciate the time you all make to make our Lodge as active and successful as it is. Your participation in these activities along with the memorial service, brunch, degree, meetings and other work is a great gift. Thank you!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Matthew Cox
Worshipful Master 
Washington #46