This past February was a great month for all of us: we had a wonderful time at the DeMolay Crab Feed; we were able to confer another EA degree with an amazing team; we awarded brethren a 25-year certificate; brothers from other lodges visited us during our stated meeting; we had a great time visiting our brothers in Milwaukee-Waluga lodge’s stated meeting, and we appreciated their warm welcome!

Our lodge is filled with wisdom, as well as new incoming members. We will have an upcoming EA degree this month. Please attend! I’m so happy to see new brothers come into the fold! 

I want to express my gratitude to our Brother JW Jesse McCann for helping us manage our website and to our WB Ken for setting the roles for these degrees.
This March we’re going to see each other even more. We’re going to visit the Occasional Grand Lodge in Salem, we’ll have School of Instruction, and we’ll also have Statewide Training Day in our lodge. For more details, please get in touch with any lodge officers. I remember that our brethren from Milwaukee-Waluga Lodge mentioned that they would visit us to retrieve their travel gavel and share fellowship with us. Come join us for that! I look forward to seeing you, dear brothers!


Aaron Carl Enriquez
Senior Warden
Washington Lodge No. 46