Greetings From the West – November 2023

Brothers and all,
As a pro tem SW who resides in the west, I want to welcome you to the years last month of Autumn. This month’s stated meeting we’ll have our annual officers’ election for the year 2024. Our officers’ meeting will be held on the 5th Wednesday of November so we all can spend some quality time spending Thanksgiving with our family/relatives/friends.

October was a sad month for our lodge since our WM John Quiroz has passed the Celestial Grand Lodge. We’ll have a funeral service coming up this November. Please keep LeeAnn and her family in your prayers.

I want to thank our WB Jim Akers for all his efforts in our lodge especially the work done as our Building Manager and the fine job he’s done on the fish fry, to name a few. I want to thank WB Steve Smith for helping our cook, Damien, in the kitchen during our fish fry dinner. I also want to thank our WB Gary Ball for taking the lead in securing a new piano for our lodge. It’s always a pleasure hearing you play some music in our lodge.

This month we’ll visit Willamette Lodge in their November stated meeting. See you all at our dinner at 6:30 and to our stated meeting at 7:30 immediately after our dinner.

(Pro tem) SW Aaron Enriquez
Senior Warden