Master’s Message – June 2023


Our next Stated communication and dinner will be Wednesday June 14th.  This is our first meeting with our “summer times”. Food will begin at 6:00pm, Stated at 7:00pm. This will also be a themed meeting. This month’s theme is Western.  So, dust off your cowboy hats and Levi’s. This will also be a very important meeting as it will be the first reading of the Resolution to consolidate with Sunnyside – per code; no discussion on the Resolution.  We may also be balloting on a potential new member.

New Activities
Sept 16th – Washington 46 is organizing a no-host fishing expedition.
This Charter will be the 8-hour excursion and plans are being formed to get hotel rooms in Tillamook, so we do not have to dive there and immediately fish.  The link to the Charter is They provide all the equipment and we only need to get a Fishing License which we can purchase there.  Please contact me for details.

Oct 28th – Washington 46 will be holding a Fish Fry. Plenty of trout for all. Tickets can be purchased by seats or tables.

Brunch:  Our joint Brunch with Sunnyside is going strong, with the upcoming 2nd Saturday of the month (June 10th). Please join us. This is open to all bodies who meet at Washington Masonic Center and their families. Don’t forget this is also Sunnyside’s Stated at 10am. The brunch starts after this meeting, normally at 11am.

Consolidation:  The Sunnyside Merge is ongoing. Committees from both lodges have been formed and discussions ensuing. The plan is to read the Resolution in June with no discussion in Lodge and read it again in July with discussion and a vote to adopt in July. Please attend these meetings.  In order to vote you must be present, it takes 2/3 to approve.

Education: Our next Torchlight Program will be Wednesday 6/21 at 6:30pm.

Upcoming Activities:
June 14th  – Stated at 7:30pm, dinner at 6:30pm
June 10th  – Building Brunch around 11:00am, Sunnyside Stated at 10am
June 21st – Torchlight at 6:30pm
June 28th – Building Board and Officers meeting at 6:30pm
Sept 16th – Fishing Trip
Oct 28th – Fish Fry

You can also look us up on Facebook:

Sincerely and fraternally,

WM John Quiroz