Secretary - Don Stapleton

From the Secretary’s Desk – October 2023

From The Secretary’s Desk

A few months ago, I noticed that the days were flying by and recently we were working on a consolidation with Sunnyside Lodge, a resolution was read in June and a vote was taken in July, and now we are one.  Yes, there is still a lot to be done but our combined membership has a lot of plans to work on so the new year will prove to be a busy one.  However, one thing is lacking, the members that are looking to get back into the swing of things. 

What is around the corner? it’s the dinners (catered), Degrees, A Fish Fry, and a salute to those members that have passed to the Celestial Lodge Above.  WB Russ Michaels will have a memorial service on October 7th, at the GracePoint Church in Milwaukie, 10750 S.E. 42nd Avenue, 1PM.  MWB, Larry Weaver will have a Masonic Service at our lodge on Sunday, October 22nd, 2PM. 

The fall rains have started after several months of dry weather.  The lodge goes back to our usual schedule, dinner at 6:30 and our stated meeting at 7:30 PM.  It’s back to the coat and tie and renewing those conversations that we have missed all summer.  So, let’s come out these last few months of the year to celebrate together for the good times ahead.  Official visits, election of new officers and a wonderful Christmas program for all to enjoy. 

A very special thank you for all your support as we look forward to a new and exciting 2024.

Respectfully Submitted,
Don Stapleton, PGM, Secretary