Secretary - Don Stapleton

From the Secretary’s Desk – April 2023

From The Secretary’s Desk

The familiar phrase “time is flying by” is certainly evident this month and certainly will be in the months to follow.  To say that we are not busy would be an overstatement but your lodge officers and the events being discussed will keep us hopping all summer long.   

So far, daylight saving time is here. Our first successful brunch with Sunnyside Lodge has taken place.  Spring is beginning, and Easter is the 9th of April.  

At the stated meeting of Sunnyside Lodge, our members were able to obtain a traveling gavel and our much talked about Brunch after the meeting was attended by nearly 50 members and guests. 

The Grand Master was present as this was his official visit to Sunnyside lodge.  The food was excellent, and we will again experience this special fellowship on April 8th at Sunnyside Lodge.  Don’t forget their meeting starts at 10AM.

As many of you know, at our June stated meeting we will read a Resolution indicating that Sunnyside Lodge is requesting to merge with Washington Lodge #46.  Over the next couple of months committees from both lodges will be working on the details of the merger.  If any of the members of Washington Lodge have any suggestions concerning this consolidation, please contact me.  Our last lodge consolidation was with Palestine Lodge #141 in 2011. 

I wish everyone a very Happy Easter.  Take care and stay safe!

Respectfully submitted,   

Don Stapleton, Secretary