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From the Chaplain’s Corner – April 2023

Greetings brethren,

I am honored to be your Chaplain. My service to God (many different entities) is a path of divine thought and action. I am a humble man in my actions and in my integrity. My message for you is that no matter what makes us different, also makes us as a whole in our brotherhood as Freemasons. I cherish the deep-rooted brotherhood amongst us. My heart is true and pure to the service of the oaths I’ve taken as a Freemason.

I am here to help you brothers, in your time of need by being a voice to go to for help. To be a friend when you are lost so I can help you find your way to the light again of being a Freemason. I am also a trained energy healer if illness is bothering you. Above all though, my main message is brotherhood to you. We meet on the level and in life with another act on the level.

Many blessings,
Brother Todd Lewis, Chaplain