2023 - Warren Burkholder

From the West -February 2023

Greetings from the West!

One of the responsibilities of the Sr Warden is to give recognition of Brothers that are demonstrating by their actions the service to others. This will not be a list of every deserving brother rather a comment about my observations.

Worshipful Brother, James Akers, continues to serve the Portland Community, multiple ways, not only is he a current City Council Member and past mayor of Maywood Park, a Past District Deputy of the Grand Lodge of Oregon, and Past Master of Eastgate Lodge and member of both Sunnyside and Lents Lodges. He contributes many hours per month assisting community agencies with his time to assist in helping those that are less fortunate than us. He has spent countless hours in the collection and documentation of the Washington Lodge’s History. He is almost always one of the first to stand up and volunteer to help. It is my opinion that every Lodge would like to have more Jim Akers.

Worshipful Brother David Munson is another of our members that is often working to help others and the Lodge fulfill its mission. His frequent service as an elected officer over the last 52 years as a Mason speaks to his commitment to the Craft. His leadership in the Scholarship Program continues to not only help the Lodge accomplish one of its objectives of assisting others when in need but demonstrates his dedication to the Craft.     

When you next greet these brothers in the Lodge, please join me in paying them some of the recognition they so well deserve.

Warren Burkholder,
Senior Warden