2020 - Don Stapleton

From the Secretary’s Desk – February 2023

February, a month of red roses, candy, and the festivities of Valentine’s Day.  It’s a time to recognize our loved ones.  So, at our stated meeting on the 8th, we will have a special night for our ladies.  Please let our master know if you will be attending lodge and dinner. 

We are continuing to have our Torchlight Class and in March we will be hosting a School of Instruction.  In the most recent edition of the Oregon Masonic News, the Grand Master highlights training, as one of his goals for this masonic year.  With statewide training on the horizon and webinars available through Grandview, all our members should take advantage of these new and exciting programs.

Brethren, we are also looking forward to participating with Sunnyside Lodge at their meeting and in their after-meeting brunch.  We are encouraging all the groups who meet at Washington Masonic Center to meet with us and have some outstanding fellowship.  Plans are currently being developed to have the Brunch open to all Bodies who meet at the Washington Masonic Center with a possible start in March.

The Grand Master will pay an official visit to Sunnyside Lodge in March, so let’s plan on attending their meeting on the 11th.  Start time 10 AM.   

Stay safe in your travels and a very happy Valentine’s Day to all our members and their families.

Respectfully submitted,   

Don Stapleton, Secretary