From the East – June 2019

Greetings from the EAST,

Washington Lodge #46 received the Charter on June 22nd, 1869, and on June 22nd, 2019 we will be celebrating our 150th year Celebration on the same date of the month. (June 22nd 1869 was on a Tuesday.) If you are planning on attending this celebration, please contact our SW, Warren Burkholder so that we can try to keep an accurate head count. I would also like to Thank Everyone that has been working so hard on this event, “Thank You So Much”.

Brethren, the least we can do is say thank you, so if you see any of the Officers, let them know of the great job they have been doing for our Lodge. Let’s not forget the people behind the scenes, our Building Board Manager, Shawn Floyd and Jennifer. If you see them anywhere around the Lodge let them know that they are not forgotten.

Stated Meeting, 6-12-2019; 6-7 light snacks & Fellowship. 7pm Stated Meeting and a light dinner or finger foods after the meeting.


A Mason was at work for the Post Office during the Christmas season. He noticed a letter addressed to Santa Claus. After a few minutes of study, he thought it wouldn’t be against the rules to open a letter to Santa. The letter was from a woman who said she was a single mother and would he please send her $500 to buy presents for her children. The postman carried the letter to the Lodge with him and they collected $400 which they appointed a committee to deliver in time for the mother to buy her children the presents. A few days later the postman again noticed a letter addressed to Santa and it was from the same address as the single mother. He promptly opened the letter which said, “Santa I really appreciate the money you sent me for my children, but next time please send it by someone else. The Masons kept $100 of it.”