Job's Daughters United Hands

OR Job’s Daughters Institutes New Bethel in Jefferson, OR

Oregon Job’s Daughters Instituted a new Bethel in Jefferson, Oregon on April 28th. They are starting up with 27 petitioners. Wow! The Masons of Jefferson lodge #33 have been very supportive in this endeavor. They are an example for all Mason’s throughout the state. They have been generous in the use of their building for local youth activities that have exposed their community to the Masonic organization. Many of the men have sponsored a Daughter to be initiated. Bethel 67 will be taking some lessons from the efforts in Jefferson in hopes to build our Bethel back up. We look forward to giving you some updates on our membership and seeing you as these endeavors move forward.

Thank you to Washington Lodge for placing an ad in our annual session booklet. This year that booklet is going to be designed more like a yearbook, with many photos for great memories. It’s never too late to add a personal ad or a fun photo you have taken with the Daughters.

Please contact Bethel Guardian Peggy Morgan, [email protected] for more information.

Bethel 67