Kayleigh Pierson

News from Bethel 67 – February 2019

Bethel 67 hosted a “Hot Potato Dinner” on January 22nd. It was well attended by members of the community, other Bethels and Masons. This was a joint effort between the Grand Guardian Council and Bethel 67. Over $500 was earned.

Our newly installed Bethel Marshall, Alyssa Rivers, gave a tour of the lodge room to her school teacher and another family that were coming into the building for the first time. She was detailed in her explanation of how the room is set up for Job’s Daughters and how she in her station, moves around the room. She did not have a lot of history about the Masons, but she did talk about the things the men and other people use at the lodge. It was a pleasure for her teacher to see her speak so confidently.

Upcoming on February 9 we will be attending the reception for our Miss International Job’s Daughter, Kayleigh Pierson, who is from the State of Oregon. She is a member of Bethel 43 in Salem. She has been traveling around the world and will be home to share some of her experiences.

We will not be holding a regular meeting on Tuesday, February 12th. We will hold our next regular meeting on Tuesday, February 26th.

Bethel 67 Guardian
Peggy Morgan