Valentine's Day

From the East – February 2019


We are already in to the month of February. Before we know it, another year will pass before our eyes; so we need to make the best of everyday. February 14th is Valentine’s Day. This is just a simple reminder from one brother to another. I have only forgotten my wife’s birthday one time and let me tell you that was all it took.

In my opinion, I think we have had a great start to the year. During the first dinner before our first stated meeting, I had passed out paper to each person to find out what everyone was thinking and things we could do to make our lodge better. WOW! Was I surprised at some of the simplest suggestions could be so effective. Or should I say, sometimes the smallest things in life can have the GREATEST impacts in our lives. I truly believe if we all start taking baby steps to create a better Lodge, before we know it, we will make GREAT STRIDES FOR THE FUTURE!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BRETHREN!!!!!


A man is drifting in a hot air balloon when the clouds become dense and navigation becomes impossible. He lets air escape from the balloon and descends through the clouds where he can see a man riding a bicycle. The balloonist calls down, where am I?”

The cyclist looks up and shouts, “you’re in a balloon. You must be a local lodge P.M.,” replied the balloonist.

Why, yes I am! But how did you know that? Replied the startled cyclist.

“Well, your information is one hundred percent accurate and one hundred percent useless!”



Dennis Harris
Washington Lodge #46