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From The East – February 2018


For years, I have been psyching myself out by declaring the 15th of January as the arrival of Spring and this year is no exception. We, in Oregon, are, for the most part, really blessed with moderate winters. My roses are calling to me that they need some attention! Also, my wife, Dennie (or Denise) has quite a number of hanging baskets that we “winter-over” on a closed-in porch, largely made up of windows. It’s time to put them out, which I will do, and then leave their tender care to her.

Thankfully, we haven’t experienced any serious problems with our lodge building. As you know, if you attended last month’s meeting, we have now established a capital expense fund. It will gradually build up to take care of any future repairs and, this will mean, we will not incur additional expense while taking time to approach the membership for funds as needed.

Our Lodge, for almost the past twenty years, has been providing $1000 scholarships for students at Franklin High School. This really important work will continue, hopefully indefinitely, as Oregon 101 has decided to join us in endowing this worthy cause. Our program is designed to assist one high school senior each year throughout the duration of their higher education. (In other words, we are now contributing each year to the education of several young people at the same time.) He or she must show the ability and desire to be academically successful in college (for this reason, Franklin High School staff selects the student) and with a bit of financial help could attend. There are no restrictions as to sex, race, religion, etc.

In our budget this year, we have included an additional $500 donation to FHS that will be used annually to purchase needed equipment. It will be assigned to various departments on a rotating basis as selected by the staff. This year the funds are going to the Drama department to be used for a video camera. Washington Lodge is a composite of all of the Lodges that have merged together over the years. I personally want to thank all of the Brothers for their support. Education is so vitally important to the success of the world in general. Thank You.

Happy Valentine’s Day! John and LeeAnn (Quiroz) will most likely be enjoying some tasty squid tentacles while in Japan but, for this holiday, we will all be eating something a bit more western. So come on down to the Lodge on Wednesday the 14th of February. Don (Stapleton) has mentioned that his wife, Pat, will be bringing out the Bingo paraphernalia for our lovely ladies while we are delving into the “deep and mysterious” lodge stuff. As usual, dinner will be served at 6:30PM and Lodge will begin at 7:30PM. There will be roses for the ladies and Don has indicated that there will be table decorations to fit the occasion as well.

Become involved with our Lodge. Your ideas are progress.

See You at Lodge,

Dave Munson
Worshipful Master
Washington 46 AF&AM