Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s time to give Thanks!!!

The eleventh month of the year, November, holds many special memories to Masons and their families. We wait all year for one special holiday that we celebrate with friends and family. I know that I can hardly wait for that delicious turkey with dressing, hot gravy and fresh baked pie. We give thanks for our many blessings and pray for a wonderful holiday season.

Unfortunately, there will be some of our brothers and sisters that won’t be with their families, so I am asking you to reach out to those that might spend this holiday alone and include them with your family celebration. You have no idea, what this gesture of kindness will mean to them.

We also give thanks for the privilege to cast your ballot for our local, state and national candidates but also for lodge officers. I encourage all of you to select those members who will make a difference in making Washington Lodge a sought after group of men who truly provide the fellowship and ongoing support for its members, both young and old.

So, we celebrate November for all these reasons; but isn’t this what Masons should be doing all year? YES – it is!! A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


Don Stapleton, Secretary