winter fireplace

From the West – November 2017

Greetings from the West!

Well we’ve had a reprieve the past few days in the weather and my furnace was working great after the summer tune-up but then it failed, how untimely. It turns out that the tech who came out in July made note of an electronic part that was at the point of failure and didn’t follow up and replace it. I wasn’t charged a separate service call but the part and installation cost was over $100. So I hope you all have had this service done.

Additionally, I had my car serviced to insure it was ready for Winter and they convinced me to get some kind of windshield protection which helps disperse the rain and the wipers work more efficiently.
So I’ve got those two bases covered along with cleaning my gutters after all the leaves and fir needles and ones have found new homes in my gutters. I may have to do them one more time.

This little piece of safety information my wife provided me with several years ago and I just pooh-poohed them, they are a pair of slip on ice cleats that prevent falls. Not using them caused me a very hurtful fall on the ice. So, either have or get something that will give you traction on ice or stay inside.

Elections are at the November Stated meeting on the 8th. It’s a lot more fun when we have a good turn out and the Lodge needs your support. So, turn out for this meeting.


The Best of Everything

Dave Munson
Senior Warden (PT)