From the South – October 2017

Happy Halloween, I can not believe summer is over, it went by so quickly. Well I will have to say, this is my favorite time of year. Right now the trees are changing colors, it’s cold in the morning and sometimes sunny during the day.

As a child I swore I was never going to live in the NW, but after traveling in the military, there is no place, I would rather be. The colors of the earth and the changing of the seasons make everything worthwhile. (Oh Ya! it is one month closer to Thanksgiving, my favorite Holliday).

Brethren, remember if you want see changes in the lodge, you MUST ATTEND LODGE. There is no wrong QUESTION; the WM, SW, & JW would really love to hear what you have to say. We do not know that there is a problem, unless you speak up. If you do not want to speak in Lodge, write something on a paper and hand it to one of the Lodge officers; this way we can start to work on the solution. It is in my opinion that if everyone voiced their concerns about membership, Facility operations or just general concerns about Masonry, then we can start building one of the GREATEST MASONIC LODGES EVER. We as Masons need to come together more than ever, for our community’s, Families and for Brotherly Love. SO PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!

Dinner Menu:

Pecan Apple Salad
Beef tenderloin with Demi Glaze Duchess Potatoes
Peas & Carrots
Vanilla Ice Cream & Fruit

Halloween Joke

The maker of this product does not want it, the buyer does not use it, and the user does not see it.

What is it? A coffin.