Secretary - Don Stapleton

From the Secretary’s Desk – June 2023

From The Secretary’s Desk

In years past, the pandemic kept most of us confined to home with little activity on our menu. But this year is different. A lot is going on over the next few months and we hope you, “brethren – I mean you” can participate in many of our planned activities.

First, the very important meetings in June and July. We will read for the first time a Resolution to merge with Sunnyside Lodge # 163. Sunnyside, as you all know, has been a tenant in our building for many years. They have, however, had difficulty filling their chairs so what better choice than being a partner with them. All great members and I think a great fit with Washington Lodge.

We will read the Resolution for the second time in July and vote on the consolidation. We will continue with the Brunch and Fellowship time that we currently are participating in as well as other activities and events that Sunnyside would like us to continue with. We look forward to pursuing this worthwhile endeavor.

Our lodge calendar and WEB site have a list of upcoming events and I hope that with our meetings starting at 7PM, you can come and enjoy some refreshment and good fellowship. Be sure to see what the dress code is for the evening. It changes every month. We look forward to seeing you. Wherever you go, stay safe.

Respectfully Submitted,

Don Stapleton, Secretary