From the West -March 2023

Greetings from the West!

Brother Michael Overturf offers the comment below. It caused me to think of a particular Brother among us, Matthew Cox. His actions speak clearly that he understands the principles we avow. His contributions to the Lodge and the Fraternity are huge. He is frequently one of the first to volunteer and never seeks to be rewarded. Every Lodge would like to have ten men like Brother Matthew. I’m fearful to list his contributions because I’m sure I am unaware of many more that have been done out of sight without comment; those situations where something needed attention and Brother Matt had already dealt with the issue.

Brothers, WB Jim Akers, WB Todd, MWB Donald Stapleton and our Master John Quiroz cleaned, bagged, and froze enough fresh fish, over 100, to provide the key ingredient for our upcoming FishFry. The fish were donated by the recent Sportsman Expo at the end of their Portland show.

We are expecting to hear from Franklin High school this week as to this year’s Washington Lodge College Scholarship recipient. WB Dave Munson has again coordinated this year’s process with the Principal and staff. The current scholarship is $1,500 per year for up to 4 years at a Oregon Public College or University.

Warren Burkholder,
Senior Warden