2020 - Don Stapleton

From the Secretary’s Desk – March 2023


Oh yes, it again has poked its nose around the corner and has given us a cold shot in the arm. I don’t mean that Covid shot but that chilling blast of cold that only in some 80 years has blessed this part of the country with temperatures in the teens. I’ve always said that the snow needs to stay in the mountains but with more than a foot in our driveway, our car is not moving very soon. Our windchill out here in Gresham is in the teens so we must hunker down and take care of those chores in the house and not in the freezing temperatures outside. Okay, I talked about the weather and reminisce about those days of working at KATU, freezing in Troutdale in 40 MPH winds.

Memories for sure, but spring is right around the corner and with many activities on the calendar, we must look forward to warmer temperatures and great fellowship just ahead. The officers are planning several visitations, a brunch starting in March, and a summer of picnics and good times.

Brethren, we hope that you can join us for our meetings and activities planned. We continue to work on projects at the lodge including new back doors, updated lights in the dining room and continued upgrades to our building interior. So please check out our WEB site as our calendar is attached. We look forward in seeing you soon so don’t forget our stated meeting is the second Wednesday, with dinner at 6:30PM and our stated meeting at 7:30. Take care & stay safe.

Respectfully submitted,   

Don Stapleton, Secretary