Veterans' Day

From the Secretary’s Desk – November 2022

Last month we talked about the upcoming changing of colors and what this fall season might bring us. What a surprise this week when the rains started to fall and the leaves, still bright green, began changing color and more to pick up in the yard. That is not the only thing that will be changing this month as elections for the lodge and the national landscape will change the focus of the country and lodge for the months and years ahead. All of you have received dues notices for the upcoming year with our lodge elections scheduled for November 9th. The lodge has a dedicated group of men that have been shaping the future of Washington Lodge all year. This upcoming election is of vital importance and your presence is always appreciated. This month will also be the official visit of our District Deputy, RWB Jim Munson, so a lot to do with great food and plenty of fellowship. If you plan on attending, please let our JW John Quiroz know you will be present.

This month is also Veterans Day and a very special thank you goes out to all that have served and to those that have given their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy. A few of us in the lodge have served in the military and I want to thank our members for their years of dedicated service.

With the holidays rapidly approaching I want to wish you all the joy of Thanksgiving and the wonders of Christmas. Be kind to one another, stay safe and our many blessings to you and your family.


EA Degree:

EA Degree


Upcoming Events and Dates

  • Nov 9th at 7:30pm– Stated, Election and OV. Dinner at 6:30pm
  • Nov 16th at 6pm – Fellowship of the Craft/Torchlight Program, RSVP to [email protected] Great fellowship and get together. You Don’t want to miss this.
  • Dec 4th – Building Christmas Party, 2-4pm.
    Entertainment – Franklin High School band, Santa, Gifts for all kids. Food and refreshments, all at no charge. Please brings kids, neighbor kids, all that you can. Multiple Lodges/bodies are participating
  • Dec 14th – Stated at 7:30 with dinner at 6:30. The Dicken Carolers will perform and guests will be welcomed to attend. Please bring your families.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Stapleton, Secretary