Your Masonic Affiliation

I see Masons as a truly, fine altruistic organization; one that cannot be excelled by any other. During my fifty years as a Mason, the degrees, the elections, the service opportunities and, most of all, the fraternal friendship with so very many good “brothers” I’ve met, gotten to know and to love have continuously filled my soul’s “pantry”.

There are people who don’t understand Masonry and lamely accuse our brotherhood of being a “secretive”, religious or anti-Christian organization. I would respond to them by saying that the members of our “fraternity” don’t identify or align ourselves with those labels. For over three hundred years, Masonry has subsisted and thrived to be of service, not to itself, but to others, in a reasonable, non-sectarian and non-political approach. Its members are bound together by camaraderie and a shared vision to better lives of others through neighborly acts of service in our respective local communities.

Brethren, be proud of your Masonic affiliation. Each of us have unique abilities to contribute to it. Our work is important and each of us can reap great personal satisfaction when we toil together in Masonic labors.


Dave Munson, Past Master