Speaking up for Freemasonry

This month’s message will highlight the marketing effort of the Grand Lodge through the introduction of our new campaign called SPEAK UP for FREEMASONRY.

Many of us have a difficult time talking to perspective candidates about the craft and communicating in public about masonry in general. This campaign and a wonderful new publication called “simple answers to leading questions” will certainly put your mind at ease and allow the public to understand who we are and what we do. This publication answers all these questions such as, “Where did it all begin”, “What do Freemasons do”, “The benefits of membership”, “The secrets”, “The Masonic Family”. Some 16 different topics are discussed in a clear and concise manner. We want our perspective members to be well informed about our fraternity and what a better way to help in this endeavor than to have one of these small booklets at your fingertips.

We anticipate a great deal of interest in our present and future campaigns and with the efforts put forth by the individual lodges and Grand Lodge, we will have members wanting to join and participating in the many good works that the craft is doing for our communities.

Don’t forget that our meetings for July and August will start at 7PM. We look forward to seeing you and participating in our many activities during the summer.

Don Stapleton, Secretary