Why Hire A Mason?

Perhaps the most prominent underlying lesson in Masonry is the attribute of taking responsibility. As Masons we are responsible for keeping what is private in a Lodge, private.\ We are responsible for keeping our promises. Masons are responsible to help watch out for brother Masons and give them good counsel when needed. We are responsible to watch out for and help the widows and orphans of other Masons. We support the Grand Lodge and the Masonic Code and Laws that manage our jurisdiction. Local Lodge Officers and Grand Lodge Officers are responsible to serve those Brothers who elect them. So what is the biggest attribute in any workplace? It is taking responsibility for the work performed. The Masonic employee makes it personal that the quality of product or work performed exceeds standards and it is second nature to him. He is comfortable with the quest for excellence with such specific standards as in ritual work which he must memorize and practice on a regular basis. The Masonic employee knows how to learn new skills and procedures. He has developed this skill set by attending Schools of Instruction and by his own progress as a Mason. Those who have taken on leadership roles in a Lodge also bring leadership, budgeting and communication skills to the workplace refined by this experience. Public speaking skills are practiced and often taught in Lodges to further increase an employee’s worth to his employer. Leadership training is now available through the new Masonic College to add weight to the Brother’s resume. Finally, the Mason keeps the Holy writings to guide his actions as his trestle board. Ethical behavior in the workplace equates to more reliable dealings and fewer problems with discrimination, dishonesty, and abuse of power. The bottom line is to hire Masons, as they make outstanding employees.

Just as every Lodge’s Stated Communications are opened with prayer, they are also opened with the Pledge to the Nation’s Flag. As Masons we take pride in our obligations to serve our God, fellowmen and Country. Allegiance to the Nation and a patriotic spirit are dominating themes within every Lodge. From history we know that Masonic teachings were the original source for independent freedom of religion, speech, thought, and rule by the people rather than a sovereign. Although Masons are forbidden from discussing politics in a Lodge to encourage harmony, we have always been deeply committed to the establishment of better governance. Many Masons have contributed to Freedom’s narrative. Consider the contributions to free government made by the fourteen Masons who have served as American Presidents, by the twenty seven Masonic signers of the US Constitution, and the seven signers of the Declaration of Independence, Simon Bolivar, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Jose Rizal, and Benito Juarez to name a few. Consider how Masons have served mankind as citizens founding the Red Cross, 4H, The Boy Scouts, AFL, NAACP, Elks, Lions and National Parks. Masonic citizens have always served the greater good from local School Boards to the great battles for freedom. Masons are always at the forefront. Consider our service whether we are dedicating a cornerstone for a local building or helping with a local blood bank. In State Capitol Buildings and local volunteer organizations from governors to bell ringers at Christmas, just look and you will find another Mason. Service to man motivates the Masonic citizen. We all stand for brotherly love, relief and truth.