Masonic Portfolio

Your Masonic Portfolio

In today’s world of open discussion on many masonic and non-masonic topics, we seldom talk about our plans when we pass away. We know that discussions like these are left to families to consider but what if, just what if those records were also part of your masonic lodge file. Do you want a masonic service when you pass to the celestial lodge? Where is your white lamb skin apron and does your family know where it is located? What are your wishes for your service? All those groups that you belong to, are they documented with dates of service etc. We know that the list goes on and on and maybe, just maybe you could compile that information and we could store it in our data base so those details are available, not only to the lodge but also to family members on a moment’s notice. While these details take time to put together it is certainly worth considering as you travel your masonic journey.


Don Stapleton, Secretary